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Hidden Gem

Bio lamp 5.jpg

Hidden Gem designed as an illuminated statue to show inside out bio-material property with reference to the Anthropocene age. We live in a time that had to be changed in order to produce and consume.  Anthropocene is the new geological era caused by human activity which embodies the idea of man-made nature. Petroleum-based products are gonna stay in the earth, in the water, in the soil, or in the landfills forever no matter how much time ever earth has experience.

lamb 4.jpg

I have developed a new method for the production of solid biomaterial. Activated carbon first requires a porous surface to filter the air. To have this property on the surface, I created bubbles from a dense activated carbon-biomaterial mixture and first poured them into the hexagonal part of the mold. Then I poured the liquid blue food coloring activated carbon bio-plastic. Bubbles adhere to mold surfaces and a porous surface emerges. In the third process - 5 days later over the cast blue bioplastic - I poured the yellow food-colored bioplastic with a lower glycerine content to create a more stable basement for the lamp.2700 kelvin warm white color led element and cables embedded to wooden bottom and it has a minimal shape power button which almost camouflaged with the wooden bottom. 

Hidden Gem is the result of an intensive study of art and science. It is a unique product that includes art, design, digital manufacturing technology and materials science.


Hidden Gem is a new promise for an alternative future of the material, which resembles roughly carved mines and was taken from the underground. The low-poly pellicular shape is also reminiscent of the digital age. In addition to that the rocky shape of the lamp produced by 3D printing technology and molded by it. 

Hidden gem to demonstrate the malleability and durability of biomaterials. The hexagonal part of the product contains dense activated carbon particles that can contribute to the air quality of space by filtering particles around it.

Timing is the most important part in the manufacture of solid bioplastics. The procedure is similar except for the drying time of thermosets, gelatin particles dissolve in constant heating in water and as the mixture cools, the molecules begin to bind weakly with the hydrogen on the gelatin chains.

The most common error occurs during this cooling process. Since the evaporation area of ​​the lamp is very limited due to the closed surface of the technology, the material cannot absorb enough air, so that the material often molds. Or, if the material is removed from the mold before the drying process is completed in a healthy manner, the material will pull and the mold will deteriorate due to the continued reaction. Large-scale molding of bioplastics requires several experiences. Hidden Gem is the result of a two-year relationship with gelatin-based bioplastics.

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