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Ayse Esin Durmaz is a designer and lecturer. She is interested in Affective Computing and Digital Morphologies.


She is specialized in discrete timber assemblies. She has advanced experience in subtractive and additive manufacturing techniques with digital fabrication tools.

Born in 1992 in Turkey, lives in Berlin.





She obtained her master's degree in computational design at ITECH (Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research) at the University of Stuttgart in 2022 with a DAAD scholarship in the field of architecture.

She designed numerous workshop contents linked to the digital fabrication field and gave consultancy services for Industry 4.0 and IoT systems in manufacturing with kyu collective ATOLYE


While working in the Fab Lab Kamp-Lintfort in Germany, she graduated from a cross-disciplinary program intersection of biology and digital fabrication called Fabricacademy in collaboration with the IAAC and Waag society Amsterdam. 


Since then, she has been given multiple lectures in Turkey and Germany, implementing innovative technologies in building environments.




2016  Digital Fabrication lecture | Koç University

2016  TurkishWIN | ATÖLYE

2016  Future of Digital Prototyping | GE garages

2017  Industry 4.0 | GE garages

2019  Design for Good | YTÜ

2019  Arc + Design Summit | Kültür University  

2020  Bio-Material Driven Design I Uretimhane

2021  OpenIDEO Istanbul Talks: Beyond The Material

2021  Beyazıt Seminars; Material Driven Design

2017  Transdicipliner Studio I Hochschule Rein-Waal 

2018  Sustainable Architecture I Hochschule Rein-Waal 

2019   Computational Based Basic Design | Bilgi University 

2018/2020  TransdiciplinerStudio I/II | Medipol University

2018/2020  Prototyping | Özyeğin University

2018/2021  Bio-Material Design | Medipol University

2019/2021  Interactive Design Applications | Medipol University

2021  Furniture Design | Medipol University

2020/2021  Wearable Technologies I Medipol University

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