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Bio-Materials Design Exhibition 2019

“Bio-Materials Design”, is a course run at Medipol University Fine Arts and Architecture department. Spread over the course of 4 months, guided by Ayse Esin Durmaz, industrial product design, and architecture students explored the concept of biodegradable materials and their behaviors. Starting with an open brief involving state changes of material such as liquid to solid or, the enthusiasm for the creation of grown materials was born. 
This course projects exhibited in the Studio-X, 24th of May to 13th of June 2019. It is a showcase of student work from October to December in Istanbul, Turkey.

From our Bio-Materials exhibition. #biom

To teach biofacturing to students is more important than to integrate students into the assembly line production traditions. To practice with diminishing industrial resources are forcing students to work with unsustainable materials that inhibit the opportunities of future generations. Today’s designers must seek to minimize the negative environmental impact of the materials. Lecturers have got responsible for their students to secure our planet. 21st-century understanding should change the statement for “form follow function” to “form follow the energy”. We should change the center point of the design, human to nature.


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24 Mayıs 2019 Studio-X İstanbul

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